Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ohio teacher fired over black president remark

An Ohio teacher was fired after he allegedly told a black student who said he wanted to become president that the nation didn't need another black commander in chief.

The Fairfield Board of Education voted 4-0 on Thursday night to fire science teacher Gil Voigt from Fairfield Freshman School, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

"The district felt that the evidence was sufficient to support the termination of Mr. Voigt's employment," Superintendent Paul Otten said in statement.

Voigt, who is white, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Friday but has said the student misquoted him, according to AP.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Should Sean Combs, ( not Diddy ) give commencement speech at Howard?

Media mogul and businessman Sean Combs will give the commencement speech at Howard University this year. It should be noted that although he dropped out Combs did attend Howard so there is a connection there.

Some have taken issue with a "rapper" ( honestly rapping is not the man's strong suit ) being given the honor of speaking at the Howard graduation ceremony. I believe that those up in arms should keep in mind that Howard invited Sean Combs not Diddy to speak. They invited Combs, a successful businessman who can give valued advice to those wanting to head in the business world.

I think Sean Combs is an excellent choice. What do you think?

NY Yankees unveil Mandela plaque

There have been few press conferences at Yankee Stadium like the one held Wednesday, and few ceremonies like the one the New York Yankees put on Wednesday night.

The connection to baseball was slight, but it was enough.

The Yankees honored the late Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black president, with a plaque in Monument Park as part of their Jackie Robinson Day festivities.

As the Yankees honored Nelson Mandela, Yankees president Randy Levine said, "There's nobody more deserving of being in Monument Park."

The Yankees unveiled Mandela's plaque between games of their day-night doubleheader with the Chicago Cubs, adding it next to those honoring former Yankee stars, owners and announcers, and also the three Popes who have appeared at the stadium.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Michael Strahan officially joins Good Morning America

It's official. The rumors turned out to be true and Michael Strahan will be joining ABC's Good Morning America. Strahan will still do “Live! with Kelly & Michael.” but will spend a few days a week on GMA before doing “Live! with Kelly & Michael.” Check out the announcement on GMA below:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

Don Lemon: Al Sharpton is not my leader.

CNN host Don Lemon declared that Al Sharpton was not his leader while discussing race relations with radio host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday. Now many will blow up at Lemon but if you actually listen to what he says you will get his point which I believe is true also. His point is that all African Americans don't think alike or all follow a "black leader". Listen to his comments below: