Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Biracial child banned from class beacuse of hair care product?????

An eight year-old girl who is the only African American in the advanced placement class has been kicked out of class because of a product she applies to her hair. She has been using the product for over a year and now with the school year almost over the teacher claims to be allergic?


Anonymous said...

Well my daughter is biracial and if something in her hair was making the teacher sick ..i would just use something else.. there making a racial issue out of this seems to me...

Anonymous said...

If there is a way to bungle something simple humans will find a way. If there is a way to distort a story by not listening to what is said people will find a way. If there is a way for the news to make a story more flashy they will.

They the mother said she wanted a meeting, the NAACP said the situation was poorly handled, as well as the lawyer repeated the same thing.

The media brought up the race.

The school administration screwed up. They didnt follow any sort of protocol for moving a child to another room. They didnt notify the parents that their child was being moved to another class. When were the parents going to find out at parent teacher conferences.. "Oh yeah by the way we moved your child a month ago. Here's the new teacher."

What's not addressed here is how long the child was in the class with the teacher before all this happened. Was there any notices about the hair product sent to the parents about a possible problem with the product?

A half reported story... SAD for journalism

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