Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where are the black TV Shows

The broadcast networks have made great strides in recent years by diversifying the faces we see on primetime TV, a momentum that carries into new and returning shows on the 2010-11 schedule.

But it’s a scattershot success. At the moment, the number of scripted, live-action shows on broadcast television with all-black (or predominantly minority, for that matter) casts is exactly zero.

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oncelost said...

C'mon know we are no longer the flavor of the month...We have been replaced by vampires.

George Cook said... why is Blade out of work?

oncelost said...

Because he got boring and you know that especially for Black folks, timing is everything and he was too far ahead......Seriously, have you noticed how all the tween and teen movies and TV shows are about vampires?

I am surprised that House of Payne and Meet the Browns are still on TV. While we all have a Madea and a Brown in our families, like it or not, we do not want to have a full everyday dose of them. I personally think Brown is hilarious, but I don't watch House of Payne because I cannot stand that little girl and the show is not funny to me. I love Tyler Perry and am so happy for his success, but his TV shows and his plays do nothing for me. Give me an August Wilson play any day.

The days of The Cosby Show and "Rock" are over, and in different situations, they were teaching tools. But you have a different set of Black folks these days. Those two shows were about substance, and I find very little of that in programming today. For me, these shows are just noise. If I want substance, I turn on Gwen Ifill on PBS or Donna Brazille on CNN.

Christian H. said...

What's a black TV show?

George Cook said...

A black tv show would be one with an all black cast. While we would like to think that such a show can be successful we know better.

Many critics believe the HBO show The Wire is the best series ever produced for television but because the cast was predominantly black they and even the shows white producers admit it never got the credit it deserved from the public.

Will said...

They only way we will get that is the same way we had them in the past...the black producers made it happen. Unless that happens, we can forget it. Ice Cube has a new show (I forgot the name) coming on soon. But we have a ton of successful blacks with enough clout to make it happen. I won't name anybody, because I'm sure you know of the many successes out there. But they aren't asserting themselves sufficiently enough. They are sitting on the sidelines. I'd love for them to get more involved and produce some QUALITY shows.