Monday, July 05, 2010

Charlie Rangel stumbles after getting to the top

Charlie Rangel an 80 year old congressman from New York who has served his constituents of the 15th district very well for over 40 years and is beloved on Capitol Hill is now falling on hard times. While stll sharp as ever ethics violations have impacted his importance in Washington DC.

He has been forced to step down him from one of the most powerful jobs in Washington, chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. On top of that his political influence is waning.

Read more here: NY Rep. Rangel stumbles after reaching top


George Cook said...

I have the utmost respect for Congressman Rangel. as one just starting out in politics if I can just accomplish a tenth of waht he did I will have done alot.

Yes he made mistakes and should be punished but for the most part the good he has done outweighs the bas.

George Cook

Margaret said...

I love Charlie Rangel! He has come under attack and lost his seat because he fights Wall Street, and he takes unpopular stands sometimes which put him at odds with his own colleagues and allies. He appears to have some principles, which is unusual in congress these days, and he has a great sense of humor to boot!

Go get 'em, Charlie!

Anonymous said...

He is just another crooked politician using race as a weapon. The only principle he has is how to cheat the system he helps to create. How can he "forget" or "fail to fill in the correct form"? He is just as crooked as Barney Frank.