Monday, July 26, 2010

C,J,. Jones was not a killer! The boy was a victim.

Here at AA reports I never believed 14 year old C.J. Jones killed his entire family and then killed himself which is why I did not immediately post the story. I was wary of the story especially since his own throat was slit and very careful steps were taken to make sure no one survived. I hope the fact that C.J. was not the killer recieves the proper media coverage he deserves.

Medical evidence suggests that Staten Island mom Leisha Jones - and not 14-year-old son C.J. - killed the family in a fiery murder-suicide last week.

No soot was found in the teenagers lungs, indicating he was already dead from a slit throat when the inferno was set, sources said.

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Evidence points to mother Leisha Jones

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