Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interview with Kesha Rogers. Democratic candidate for the Texas Congressional District 22 seat

Here is My interview with Kesha Rogers an African American woman who has won the Democratic Primary for the Texas Congressional District 22 Congressional seat. Although a democrat she has spoken openly about impeaching President Obama. Read about that and more of her platform below.

I would like to thank Miss Rogers for taking the time to answer my questions as I am sure she is very busy right now. All of her responses are in blue

George Cook AAreports.


Kesha Rogers

George Cook AAreports: What first inspired you to get into the realm of politics?

Kesha Rogers

I was inspired to get active in politics at a very young age. I was a great admirer of Congresswoman Barbra Jordan. I pursued my passion for politics majoring in political science and speech communications at South West Texas University. I gained a greater and more profound understanding of what the meaning of political science truly represented, upon meeting and joining the Lyndon LaRouche political movement. It is through the understanding the political implications of universal principles of physical science and Classical art, which allows one to truly understand the intention of our U.S. republic and the role of government, of the people, by the people, and for the people. The study of human creativity in Classical art and science by all, and the mastery of the great composers, such as, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart; and scientific minds such as, Kepler, Leibniz, Cusa and others, expresses the intention of our republic and a truly creative electorate. Those are the principles we have lost sight of in politics, and what I have been active in fighting to restore. Politics has become, who you know and how much ass you can kiss, not your commitment and passion for the development of human beings. That is why I am in politics, because I don't have an interest in trying to get ahead, but actually giving a voice to people who don't have one, and educating a true republic.

George Cook AAreports:Why run for congress?

Kesha Rogers

Americans are dying, and they are desperate for true leadership and representation. We are in a deepening economic crisis. State and local governments are bankrupt and being forced to implement austerity against their people. Teachers, firemen, police officers, are being forced out. The poor and the elderly are being thrown onto the scrap heap. The people need real leadership and economic solutions and that is what I am providing. I am running for Congress to provide the leadership needed in this moment of grave crisis. We need to give our nation a mission. Get our young men and women out of the horrific cultural conditions they have been immersed in, by giving them productive jobs and a future. This means having an orientation, to implement solutions, not just for the immediate period, but for two or three generations from now. End bailouts to financial speculators, and re-invoke the spirit and leadership of great leaders, such as Lincoln, Roosevelt,and Kennedy. Invest in large scale infrastructure projects; nuclear power, high speed rail, agriculture, industry, and a science driver in space exploration, and Moon and Mars colonization. Those are the ideas and principles I am committed to, and will fight for, at all cost.

George Cook AAreports. Much attention has been paid to some of your thoughts about impeaching Obama, can you elaborate on that?

Kesha Rogers

The need to impeach Obama has nothing whatsoever to do with his ethnicity or his party, or the fact that Bush and Cheney also needed to be impeached, but that he is acting as an enemy to the United States. He is serving foreign-owned powers, benefiting them, at the expense of the welfare of our population. He’s spending trillions bailing out the very people that have destroyed our economy, while local communities are going bankrupt, and cutting life-saving services, i.e. teacher layoffs, cuts in police forces, and fire departments etc., which is killing people; he’s illegally shutting down our manned space program, which is shutting down our scientific progress; he’s grinding up our military in an endless war, while defending the opium that serves as the logistical base of the people we’re fighting over there; and he pushed a health care policy that rations care if you cost too much, which is what Hitler’s 1939 “lives unworthy of life” policy was. That’s why we put a Hitler mustache on him. Call it his “Bush, Jr.”

George Cook AAreports: Do you think that as a member of congress you can if need be work with President Obama on certain issues?

Kesha Rogers

A competent president would immediately move to reinstate FDR’s 1933 Glass-Steagall banking law, separating and protecting the commercial assets of day-to-day life from the speculative usury of Wall Street. We must write off the worthless gambling debts that are being held over our heads as reasons to deny funding to schools, infrastructure, and social safety nets, and protect people’s life savings from being used as leverage by such thieves in their gambling. We must employ our youth in productive jobs, teaching them skills, and helping them improve their self-image and creativity, so they can be prepared to rebuild our nation’s standard of living. We must have an orientation toward the future, through manned space exploration, such as a 2-3 generation program to set up permanent colonies on the Moon and Mars. President Obama is opposed to every one of these solutions, and so there is no choice but for him to resign.

George Cook AAreports: At this very moment what do you feel are the biggest problems facing Texas?

Kesha Rogers

Obama has said he not only plans to privatize our manned space program, but to shut down the Johnson Space Center (which is in my district) all together. This represents not only the loss of over 7,000 highly skilled industrial jobs, and even more jobs in the surrounding community, it represents the loss of one of the most concentrated centers of scientific and technological progress in the nation. Spin off technologies from NASA have benefited every area of life, from breast cancer prevention, to cell phones, vaccines, and so on.

There is currently no high-speed rail system to integrate the state. Our highway system is outdated, and it’s more of a parking lot than a freeway. We need magnetically levitated, high-speed rail systems, not privatized toll ways!

The biggest problem is unemployment and underemployment. We need productive jobs, lots of them, especially for young people, so they can learn skills and be useful to society.

George Cook AAreports: With the US economy in disarray how is that hurting your state right now?

Kesha Rogers

Texas currently has 358,000 on unemployment benefits, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. The deliberate inaction of Congress and the President means more than 30,000 people will be kicked off their unemployment benefits every week. These aren’t lazy people, there’s a serious lack of productive jobs! Green Jobs just won’t cut it!

Texas is also the state most involved in the interest rate swap swindle, 17% of the nation, as reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which is bankrupting cities and school districts across the state. Schools and cities were sold the line that they should buy into these swaps to protect against raising interest rates, except the rates didn’t go up, and now these institutions are saddled with millions in debts. Where are the protections for citizens from these debt monger?

As the Texas Health Care Association reports, Texas already ranks as the 49th worst state in terms of Medicaid reimbursements, and so the additional $14.6 billion in national Medicaid cuts because of Obama’s health reform, which comes out to an additional 1% cut to Texas’s FY2011 budget, means that the elderly and severely ill are going to increasingly find themselves shut out of care. Since the vast majority of elderly folks rely primarily on either Medicare or Medicaid to get health care, it means more of them will simply die, because of these policies.

George Cook AAreports: If you had a one on one with President Obama what would you ask him to do to help your state?

Kesha Rogers

I would ask him why he sold his soul. I then would proceed to tell him that he should change his ways. Don’t be a tool for Wall Street, but take a lesson from true leaders, such as presidents FDR and Kennedy. My state, as does most, needs productive jobs, we are at the bottom of the charts in education, we need real classical education. We need to give our young people a mission in space exploration.

I’m not going to plead with Obama to do the right thing. He has had many opportunities to do the right thing, and has repeatedly chosen to do the wrong. In every one of his actions, President Obama has defied the legacy of these great leaders. I’m not going to try to negotiate with someone acting as a traitor. He should just resign. That will help Texas, and the whole nation.

George Cook AAreports: Any message to those who may wish to follow in your political foot steps?

Kesha Rogers

True leaders in society are only those who are willing to break free of popular opinion and culture, and fight for truth, and an optimistic vision of a better world, at all cost. They are ones who are always committed to principle and never compromise, even if it costs them their popularity with those they love. Anyone who is a true leader knows their role is to create a society that fosters the creative potential of others. We don't have that in society any longer. We have Hollywood, American Idol, My-space, and reality TV. This fake society is what is considered role models for young people. What happened to the need for a real culture, and a productive, science driven society? I would say to anyone who considers themselves a true leader in society, to always take up a mission in life, as I have, which fosters a commitment to truth, and a better world.

Anyone looking to take up real leadership, is driven by truth, a commitment to the general good, and agape toward mankind.


Anonymous said...

How do you reconcile the desire for a science-driven society with the teachings of Lyndon LaRouche?

It's my understanding that he opposes empiricism in favor of a form of neoplatonic mysticism, and his policies seem to back that up:

Science favors a nuanced approach to the drug problem, LaRouche favors Prohibition - in spite of the fact that countries which have decriminalized show both drug use and drug-related crime going DOWN!

Science holds that AIDS is transmitted through blood and sexual fluids, LaRouche was funding a propaganda campaign claiming that AIDS can be transmitted through casual contact, and arguing that unless immediate quarantine measures were taken, only vigilante murder of carriers would save the human race from extinction.

Science holds that there is a single human species; LaRouche claims that there is a degenerate subspecies of Zionist bankers manipulating humanity. (And you should know where you've heard THAT story before...)

Science claims that the globe appears to be warming; LaRouche claims that it's a hoax. (I forget whether the hoax is supposed to be the work of the degenerate subspecies or not.)

Science is unable to find a conclusive link between video game violence and real world violence, but is unambiguous about the fact that any link that does exist is small (otherwise we'd have been able to prove it!), LaRouche claims that this merits the censorship of video games.

LaRouche publications claimed that the bailouts would cause Weimar-style hyperinflation and lead to the deaths of billions - years down the line, this 'hyperinflation' consists of the fact that houses are cheaper and some coffeeplaces have raised prices a whopping 12.5%.

Anonymous said...

Kesha Rogers has my full support. Whoever posted this first comment must have a lazy mind and has not thought about what they have written.
In any case the people are on Kesha's side, and are not interesting in smears and dirty politics.

Anonymous said...

Dope fiends don't like Lyndon LaRouche until they decide to kick their habit. Drug lords like George Soros hate Lyndon LaRouche because he takes away their customers.

Relative to the average income and the requirements for survival of the populations of nations that have been doing the bail-outs instead of restoring Glass-Steagall, we already have Weimar-style hyperinflation. That's why government services are shutting down and laying off vital employees at such a rate that the governments will cease to exist in about a year. They'll be outsourced in their entirety to "private" crime syndicates. After all, when the courts, jails, police and military are all privatized, when do the contractors need to obey the law? Rest assured, these private entrepreneurs will compete to deliver vast improvements in the efficiency of government. The cattle cars will run on time and there will be no escapes, no recidivism and no slackers at the new Auschwitz, where work makes you free!

Anonymous said...

"We must have an orientation toward the future, through manned space exploration, such as a 2-3 generation program to set up permanent colonies on the Moon and Mars. President Obama is opposed to every one of these solutions, and so there is no choice but for him to resign."

This stands out to me as the dumbest of all her statements. All of which by the way are her opinion. That's it. Everyone is right about their reasons for entering politics. They are just REASONS. That does not make them true or valid. More power to her crazy ass.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:24:

How does Lyndon LaRouche take customers away from drug lords? His policies seem tailored to maximize cartel income, not to interfere with it. Also, that still doesn't explain the difference between LaRouche's stance and the scientific community's stance - unless you're claiming that science is conducted mostly by dope fiends and cloned copies of George Soros.

As far as hyperinflation goes: look around you. Look in your pocket. Are you suddenly carrying hundred-dollar bills around when you used to have tens? We're seeing a market crash; we may well be seeing the beginning of a depression (and I believe that the situation was made worse by the bailouts - we should have brought the failed banks through bankruptcy and sold the pieces that were worth selling at auction to those little banks whose execs were either smarter or luckier) - but we are NOT seeing hyperinflation. Some people's stock portfolios have been wiped, but the money in bank accounts and mattresses all over the nation is still usable - and in some cases can buy more than it could before. This is not hyperinflation, Weimar-style or otherwise! (And even redefining hyperinflation to mean 'depression' still doesn't explain where the gigadeaths went.)

And on a less oppositional note - how should we go about detecting signs of fascism if it *IS* creeping up on us? Few would-be Adolf Stalins will run for president openly promising a Holodomor with a free Treblinka thrown in, and none of them will WIN on that platform...

John Desiderio said...

Today the United States is a piece of wreckage virtually destroyed by its own populations folly to go with the flow and that of its historical enemy, which was held so close in a dance of death for so long has now warped into so-called ally. That special relationship and Washington consensus having made us nothing more than a blank check writing colony for a brutish British global monetary system empire. Now in Texas, the long suppressed and battered Hamiltonian American system of political economy has, once again, a very fine champion in U.S. patriot Kesha Rogers. The true beautiful soul within her has touched a growing resonating old theme in a new light, what is it to be an American, it is nothing less than everything she is continually fighting for? Hope has resurfaced in the minds and spirit of some of the people of Texas to be more than just a subject-citizen sucker. Let the enemies of mankind who demand perpetual BAILOUT, eat their own evil debt and perish from this good earth. Your voices are permanently implanted in Kesha Rogers heart, but this great moment of great crisis will require a big people. A big people with the moral and intellectual fitness to survive!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Desiderio, the United States is hardly a piece of wreckage. We are not merely a proud nation, we are a great nation. We beat Germany and Japan on the battlefield - and then won the cold war without either side once resorting to the doomsday weapons that we had built to win the second world war. Our men have walked on the moon. Our satellite net has brought communications capability to most of the globe. The internet that we started now provides endless headaches to totalitarian governments the world over.

As for our 'special relationship' - the Britain of today is no more the Britain of 1950 than the United States of today is the United States of 1950. The sun set on the British Empire before the dawn of this millenium, and their current holdings consist of an assortment of islands and a small town on the edge of Spain. Modern American imperialism is a homegrown phenomenon, supported at the elite level by the neoliberals (their name for themselves - most people know them as neoconservatives) who attempt to change our society from Roosevelt-style democracy towards a society modeled on Plato's ideals, where an intellectual elite of 'golden souls' makes the decisions that the general populace are considered insufficiently wise to make on their own.

The bailout was wrong, stupid, counterproductive, and bad for medium-term economic stability. However, starting a war of extermination against the British people in retaliation for the crimes committed by a small handful of American businesses would be far, far worse.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Anonymous said...


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