Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interview with Dale Robertson, Tea Party founder about NAACP resolution

Recently the NAACP voted to approve a resolution that repudiated certain segments of the Tea Party Movement that it considers racist. AAReports has reached out to both sides. I invite you to listen to Dale Roberston of who claims to be the modern day founder of the Tea Party Movement. He explains how he feels about the resolution and also how he has no love for any particular party including the Republican Party.

Listen to our interview below:


George Cook said...

Just to clarify. AAreports nor I George Cook or picking sides here. Mr. Robertson responded first and I hope to hear from somene from the NAACP soon.

I also thought it important to get the view from the Tea Party side on this issue.

George Cook

Anonymous said...

Very interesting interview, I hope this gets National Play. Mr. Cook sound like a sincere fellow, but my problem is his claim that he has not seen or heard any racism at any rallies. Is he blind?

kid said...

You're a joke! My television must be in the "Twilight Zone" or something.Maybe you missed the machine guns they brought out to greet the President. Maybe it was the signs saying that they wanted to kill the President. Maybe it's the paramilitary manuals they pass out at Tea Baggers events telling the volk how to get their country back.I guess the museum shooting, the three dead policemen in Pittsburgh didn't happen.

Andrea said...

‘N-Word’ Sign Dogs Would-Be Tea Party Leader

Dale Robertson, a Tea Party activist who operates, is getting stung for an old photo — taken at the Feb. 27, 2009 Tea Party in Houston — in which he holds a sign reading “Congress = Slaveowner, Taxpayer = Niggar.”

After the ResistNet listerv promoted “Liberty Concerts” to be held by, a source passed on this photo of Robertson:

Dale Robertson is a proven racist and a memeber of the Tea Party movement.

I don't see that movement going much of anywhere after this year.

Andrea Taylor said...

Proof Dale Robertson is a Tea Party racist: