Saturday, July 03, 2010

New online African American Soap Opera, " The Proud and the Priviledged"

Chicago, IL ( -- "The Proud and the Privileged" is a new African American Soap that is taking the Internet by storm. A week after posting six three to four-minute webisodes on the Web, the host site,, reported receiving over 12,000 hits.

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"People love it because it doesn't cast African Americans in the usual stereotypical ways," says Lisa Caillouet, the show's creator, "Our characters represent African Americans from all walks of life; they're three-dimensional, they're rich and they're not-so-rich, they're smart, they're funny, they're all the things that make me proud to be Black." Creating a Black soap opera has long been a dream of Lisa's.

"I used to love watching soaps on TV, but I would always wonder where the Black people were," says Lisa, "and the few Black people they would show were nothing like the Black people I know; the successful doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, the people who go to work every day," Lisa continued.

"The Proud and Privileged" can boast of professional talent, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Emma Young, a former creative director at Burrell and other Chicago agencies, and former President and founder of the Black Screenwriters Association is the show's head writer. Producer/director/actor Darryl Manuel is the producer and co-director; and professional editor, DVD guru, film director and House Music pioneer, Chip Eberhart, is the show's editor and co-director. Chip, also oversaw the design and production of the website,

"The Proud and the Privileged is just the first of many ideas that will be presented on," says Eberhart.

The associate producer, Virginia Bailey is a producer and screenwriter, and a former screenwriting instructor. Sharon King, producer and casting director who is most well-known for casting "Soul Food," is responsible for bringing an outstanding array of professional talent to The Proud and Privileged, such as Morroco Omar, Christian Payton, Cynthia McWilliams and Cynthia "CJ" Maddox, to name a few. Credit for the great lighting and film work goes to Patrick Mongoven, veteran cinematographer.

"This is a great opportunity to showcase Chicago talent," said Manuel. "We're really excited about the Proud and the Privileged and where it's going."
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Lisa Caillouet, 773-902-7958
Darryl Manuel, 773-383-0429

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