Sunday, July 25, 2010

The reinvention of Al Sharpton

This excerpt is from a great NewsWeek article I found online.

Why the indefatigable Al Sharpton still has work to do. And what his evolution tells us about race and politics in Obama’s America.

...But the interesting question is whether his role is still needed in an era when the man atop the national power structure himself is black, and Sharpton now regularly meets with him—issuing not just demands but advice. If you asked Sharpton himself, he’d undoubtedly reply, are you serious? Blacks still have twice the unemployment rate of Americans overall, and young black men are still being shot by cops under circumstances that range from tragic to suspicious.

Read entire article hre The Reinvention of the Reverend

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oncelost said...

Where WOULD African-Americans be without Rev. Al? He may offend your sensibilities, and no, he is not educated like the Three Amigos, Smiley, West and Dyson. But Rev. Al is never full of rhetoric---he keeps it real and he has studied the issue. If you are in trouble, you better be glad Al Sharpton is around because while West and Dyson will appear on "Face The Nation", etc. to TALK about it, Al Sharpton will be out there DOING something about it. I absolutely love Rev. Al.