Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why I'm ignoring Rush Limbaugh, and why you should too.

Many Have asked why I have not blogged about any of Rush Limbaugh's recent radio antics including his statements about the late George Steinbrenner making many African American's millionaires.

The answer to that question is that I simply don't want to help this man spew his hate and grow his audience by writing about him.

Now I have admit that it's tempting beacuse let's face it posting about him brings people to your web site. No doubt about it. I am only writing about him now to explain why I'm not or never will write about him again.

Writing about him brings him the attention he wants, craves, and needs to grow his audience and make millions. Every time he sees his name in print or hears it on TV or radio he revels in it. Most likely mastrubating vigorously because he gets off on people reacting to his nonsense.

Every time he makes a sensation and we respond he grows his audience which is exactly what he wants. I don't know if he's racist or not but he must believe his base at least has racist tendencies because he panders to those tendencies and is getting rich off of it.

But if we ignore him like the big bag of wind that he is he will soon blow away. No controversy, no ratings. So after this unless Limbaugh retires or his radio show gets cancelled you will no longer read about him here.

George Cook


Anonymous said...

That leaves the question.... Did Steinbrenner make a lot of millionaires out of Negroes or not ???

If so, it is true and if this is your "deal breaker" then you are indeed flawed.

Mark, the foreign Moderator, PoliticalForum,

George Cook said...

Right off the bat. You sir are a racist. The fact that you referred to Black Men as negroes pretty much disqualifies you from any serious discussion on any racial issues.

But yes Steinbrenner did help Black Men become millionaires and they in turn helped him become a multi billionaire. Wonder why Limbaugh diod not mention that?

Anonymous said...

So you have this one sound bit, not even a byte. You use this and accuse him of being racist? Where are your sources? What is the day, and time that this utterance was released from his mouth? I am not a racist, I do not pander to either side. Like it or not Rush Limbaugh has helped millions of kids around the country receive healthcare they so direly needed. This is obviously just another jab by the NAACP backed racist media at a "cracker" they see as a threat to their perceived empire.