Monday, September 06, 2010

Republicans ignore black vote. Dems take if for granted

While this article by by Jasmyne A. Cannick of pertains directly to statewide elections in California it could easily pertain to the US as a whole. Candidates of both parties in her state are ignoring black media and according to her not reaching out to black voters. George Cook AAreports.

With a little over two months left until the Nov. 2 general election, gubernatorial and U.S. Senate nominees are wasting no time in blanketing the airwaves statewide in an effort to reach out to potential voters. However, noticeably absent from these campaigns is any significant or meaningful “wooing” of Black voters – begging the question are California Republicans outright ignoring the Black vote while the Democrats continue to take it for granted?

Read more here Statewide candidates ignore Black media in favor of courting the white and Latino vote


Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

...and why not. We are so politically apathetic. Most of us have opinions about political issues, but no drive to actively participate

Anonymous said...

@Political Spectrum:That's not true at all. All of my African American friends vote and participate in volunteering.

George Cook said...

Political Spectrum is right. In many communities outside of Presidential elections there is a low turnout of African Americans as compared to those actually registered to vote.

I and many of my African American friends vote or as I do hold office but that's not the norm.