Monday, October 11, 2010

Why GOPs "A Pledge to America" is bad for African American communities

If you are unsure of whether or not you will vote in the upcoming mid-term election please read this story about how the republicans "A Pledge to America " would do much more harm than good for African Americans. Please vote....George Cook

The following is an excerpt from an article Republican agenda ignores communities of color in the Milwaukee Courier:

Republicans pledge to improve the economy by extending all of President Bush’s tax cuts and reducing spending to the Bush administration level. In other words, Republicans pledge to pursue the very same economic policies that created the Great Recession and turned record surpluses into record deficits. Under these policies, we saw median household income fall $2,875 for African-American families and $3,557 for Hispanic families, and watched the poverty rate in communities of color increase faster compared to the national average. Returning to these same failed policies would produce the same results: higher deficits while putting the needs of the richest 2 percent above working- and middle-class families.

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Anonymous said...

Now this is just insane!!! Why wouldn't anyone having challenges go to the POLLS to send the GOP a LOUD MESSAGE that although we aren't satified with the Democrats (at least I'm not), we don't want more of the same.
Jen Fad from BIA.

Anonymous said...

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- Thomas