Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Women entering a "bald new world" with hair extensions warns doctor

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- A leading hair transplant doctor warns the public may be blindly entering a "bald new world" with the explosive growth of hair extensions.

Dermatologist and hair restoration expert Dr. Larry Shapiro said he has all the receding hairlines he needs to keep busy, so he doesn't need any additional help from hair extensions, which are literally pulling hair out of people's heads.

In fact, Dr. Larry Shapiro (www.drshapiroshairinstitute.com), said the situation has gotten so messed up that he has become a consumer advocate for healthy hair and will be warning consumers of the perils of hair extensions as well as using chemical-laden hair relaxers, which also are destroying otherwise perfectly good hair.

Recently Dr. Shapiro came to the rescue of a TV news damsel in distress, a black broadcaster who felt her hair should look more "relaxed" on air. His prescription would win an Emmy from civil rights groups.

"Wear an Afro," he advised the reporter. "You'll look better and you won't risk becoming bald." TV celebrities who resort to wearing wigs, toupees and even hats also are harming their hair and scalp, he added.

"If the growing hair extension industry doesn't straighten up its act and do something soon about warning consumers of the potential harm that extensions can cause to healthy hair, I'll start naming those companies that are the worst offenders," he said.

Dr. Shapiro also is developing an informational website called "HelpHairExtensions" to alert consumers what hair extensions to avoid, why they can lead to hair loss and what can be done to make hair follicles stronger and healthy enough to hold extensions without injury or hair loss. The site will also point out the pitfalls of hair straighteners and relaxers.

Dr. Shapiro recommends a variety of vitamins and nutritional supplements to promote healthy hair at www.helphair.com. Some of these applications should be used to protect hair tied to extensions.

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