Monday, August 30, 2010

Education secretary says U.S. needs more minority teachers

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Saturday that he plans to recruit more African-American and Latino teachers in a bid to narrow achievement gaps among students.

African-American males make up less than 2 percent of teachers nationwide, Duncan told CNN, while African-American and Latino males -- combined -- represent roughly 3.5 percent of all U.S. teachers.

"That's not a number we can be proud of," Duncan said.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Obama pledges Gulf support on Katrina anniversary

Five years after Hurricane Katrina's wrath, President Barack Obama sought to reassure disaster-weary Gulf Coast residents Sunday that he would not abandon their cause. "My administration is going to stand with you, and fight alongside you, until the job is done," Obama said to cheers at Xavier University, a historically black, Catholic university that was badly flooded by the storm.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Video: Alveda King speech at Restoring the Honor Rally

Check out the speech that the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's niece Alveda King gave at Glenn Beck's Reatoring Honor Rally.

John Lewis: Glenn Beck rally an insult

"It's an affront to what the civil rights movement stood for," said Lewis, 70, the last surviving speaker at the 1963 rally. "We didn't do anything in anger and never tried to divide people."

"Glenn Beck is the same person who has called the president of the United States a racist," Lewis said.

"I think everybody has a right to protest, a right to march in keeping with our Constitution," he said. "But one march, one demonstration on the anniversary of Dr. King's 'I Have a Dream' speech doesn't change his (Beck's) standing."

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sharpton: Beck rally goes against MLK's vision

Broadcaster Glenn Beck and tea party activists have a right to rally in the nation's capital but not to distort Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision, the Rev. Al Sharpton said Friday.

During a news conference Friday, Sharpton questioned whether Beck and others understand King's words.

"They have the right to rally. But what they don't have the right to do is distort what Dr. King's dream was about," he said.

He said King's legacy is not owned by black people alone, and others can have different views of him. But he said they can't have different views of King's speech.

"His speech says clearly that he wanted to see a nation where the federal government protects us from those and states that would not uphold our civil rights," Sharpton said.

"You can't have a march telling government to leave us alone and say you're reclaiming a march where they came to appeal to government to protect us," he said. "They're having an anti-government march on a day that King came to appeal to government. You can't have it both ways."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Martin Luther King's niece attending Glenn Beck rally

UPDATE 08/28/10 Watch Alveda King's speech at the Restoring Honor Rally HERE

The Restoring Honor Rally which will be taking place on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.s "I have a dream speech". It will be hosted by Fox News pundit Glenn Beck and will be taking place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Saturday.

It will feature remarks from Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King.

Alveda King, a conservative affiliated with the organization Priests for Life, said in a statement that she is attending the rally for nonpartisan reasons.

“I am participating in Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally not to advance any political agenda, but to advance the concept of honor in our nation,” Alveda King stated.

Monday, August 23, 2010

More African Americans moving back to the south

Demographers noted a growing trend of black families resettling in Southern states, reflected in the 2000 census. The region had gained about 3 million black residents since the 1990 count. It added nearly 2 million more from 2000 to 2008, U.S. Census Bureau figures released this month show, by far the largest gain in black population of any region.

It is a reversal of the decadeslong flow of Southern black residents leaving for opportunities in northern urban centers.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Antonio Cromartie: "Hard Knocks" segment was staged.

Antonio Cromartie has caught a lot of flak this week for an embarrasing segment on the HBO reality series in which he appears to have trouble giving the ages and names of his 9 kids. He has told the NY Post that the segment was reshoot after the first take because a producer felt he didn't pause enough between the names.

The question I think we should all sak is that if Antonio is telling the truth is what was this producers motive to do what he/she did. Were they trying to perpetuate negative stereotypes about black sports stars? What do you think?

Here is the segment:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Before you bash Islam why not actually read the Qur'an yourself

In the past few weeks due to the controversial plans to build a mosque NEAR the ground zero site in New York many have attacked Islam as a violent religion that wants to destroy all other religions.

We have been bombarded with mentions of Sharia Law and of how badly Muslim women under Sharia Law are treated. ( A red herring if ever there was one. What does Sharia Law have to do with a mosque in the US where Sharia Law is not practiced. )

Basically we have been told by a bunch of Islam hating, xenophobic, and in many cases bigoted talking heads that Islam is a religion of extremist that want to blow us up. Hey, it's good for ratings, bad for society.

Now of course to say that you have to ignore the millions of Muslims that live here in the United States peacefully and love this country just as much as Christians do.

The sad part is that many of the critics know very little about Islam and have not taken the time to actually read the Qur'an before denouncing an entire religion.

I'm not telling you to like Islam but I would suggest actually reading the Qura'an for yourself and coming to your own conclusions about the religion. Don't take the word of someone who profits financially or politically from spreading divisiveness.

If you still walk away not wanting to  be tolerant of  Islam, fine. But at least it will be an informed deciscion.

George Cook

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity adopts local school

Members of a local fraternity aren't sitting around waiting for academic achievement to improve among the city's African-American boys.

Members of the historically black fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi want to help the change happen.

In a ceremony designed to make an impression — complete with an oversized check for more than $850 and speeches by Omaha's mayor and Nebraska's first lady — the local Alpha Eta chapter and its alumni chapter formally adopted Kellom Elementary.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shirley Sherrod letter to NAACP members

Earlier this week Shirley Sherrod sent a letter via email to NAACP members telling about herself and to ask that members continue to support the NAACP. Read that letter below.

Back in March, I delivered a speech to an NAACP Freedom Fund banquet in my home state of Georgia. I drew on my personal life story to urge poor people, white and black, to pull together and overcome racial divisions. We have to understand that our struggle is against poverty and against those who are blocking our path out of poverty.

Unless we figure this out, I warned, our communities won't thrive and our children won't prosper.

As you know, a Tea Party blogger named Andrew Breitbart released an intentionally deceptive, heavily edited clip from that speech to make it look as if I was delivering exactly the opposite message. Then Fox News blasted that false message across America's airwaves, creating a firestorm that led to my ouster as the USDA State Director here in Georgia.

Not long ago, I sat here in my living room in Albany, Georgia for an afternoon of deep conversation with NAACP President Benjamin Jealous. As he has done in public, Ben movingly apologized for the fact that the NAACP was initially hoodwinked by Breitbart and Fox into supporting my removal. I told him what I want to tell you.

That's behind us, and the last thing I want to see happen is for my situation to weaken support for the NAACP. Too many people confronted by racism and poverty count on the NAACP to be there for them, especially those in rural areas who often have nowhere else to turn.

People ask me, "Shirley, how are you getting through all of this?" I tell them that, if they knew what I have lived through, they'd understand that these current challenges aren't about to throw me off course.

When I was 17 years old, my father was murdered by a white man in Baker County, Georgia. There were three witnesses, but the grand jury refused to indict the person responsible. I knew I had to do something in answer to my father's death.

That very night, I made a commitment that I would stay in the South and fight for change.

I have lived true to that commitment for 45 years. I didn't yield when, just months after my father was killed, they came in the middle of the night to burn a cross in front of our house with my mother, four sisters, and the baby brother my father never got to see still inside.

And I'm surely not going to yield because some Tea Party agitator sat at his computer and turned everything I said upside down and inside out.

I learned a lot of lessons from my parents growing up, but one of the most important ones is what my mother taught her children after our father was killed. She told us we mustn't try to live with hate in our hearts.

My mother led by example. Just 11 years after that cross-burning incident, she became the first black elected official in Baker County, and she's still serving, still working to bring people together.

You and I have to keep working as well. Change has to start with us. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I have received over these last few weeks. It means so much to me and my family.

But you and I have to make sure that people all across the country who wage a daily struggle against poverty and racism have support networks as well. And that's why your personal involvement in sustaining the NAACP is so critical.

The NAACP confronts the virulent racism that my family and so many other families have had to endure. But it is also leading the way in breaking down the structural barriers that block so many people's paths out of poverty.

In our struggle between the "haves" and the "have-nots," they want to keep the poor divided - and we have to insist, by our words and our actions, that there is no difference between us.

As we move forward together, I urge you to remember this: Life is a grindstone. But whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us.

Thank you for all you are doing to challenge poverty and racism. I look forward to working and struggling right by your side.


Shirley Sherrod

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pledge of Allegiance for the United States of Hate

I pledge allegiance to the United States of Hate by George Cook

Being as in the past year the United States has become an increasingly intolerant nation in the name of political gain I have decided to write a new pledge of allegiance that reflects what we are becoming.


I pledge allegiance to the United States of Hate.

I pledge to be as intolerant and as hateful as possible.

I pledge to speak only "American"

I will discriminate against all muslims, non english speaking hispanics, homosexuals, and anyone who does not generally believe in the same bullshit I do.

I pledge to grudgingly accept African Americans since they have been here for awhile and we can't get rid of them anyway. Lord knows we have tried. Asians are acceptable too except for the muslim kind.

I pledge to spread misinformation to help support my hateful views and when that doesn't work I will have no problem telling outright lies.

I pledge to get all my information on how this nation should be ran from talk radio.

Finally I pledge to wrap myself in the Constitution of the United States to protect my beliefs while I deny others the right to those same protections.

So help me God.

George Cook

Monday, August 16, 2010

Roland Burris named African American Man of the Year

U.S. Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., will be honored with the African American Man of the Year award later this month by the Illinois chapter of the National Council of African American Men Inc.

Burris will be honored with a dinner at 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 27, at the Hilton Garden Inn, 1501 S. Neil St., C. The senator has confirmed that he will attend the event.

A number of state and local dignitaries and political leaders have been invited to the annual dinner, Walker said.

"This will be a celebration, an opportunity for us to elevate and recognize a man who has done good things for his state," said Walker.

The National Council of African American Men exists to assist minority men with housing for the homeless and other social resources, according to its mission statement. It also works to help high school dropouts, ex-convicts, runaways and others.

"We also mentor young people and teach our young males how to become men," Walker said.

Three fraternities pledge to find 1,000 African-American men for Big Brothers

In Louisville Kentucky three fraternities are pledging their help to find 1,000 African-American fraternity men to become Big Brothers this year. Watch the video below:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Terror Babies! Be Afraid! Be very afraid!

By George Cook

Congressmen Louie Gohmert of Texas would have us all believe that foreign terrorist are coming here to have babies who would be US citizens. The idea being that when those babies grow up they would then blow us all to hell. Of course he has no proof but never let the facts get in the way of demagoguery.

On the surface this is a premise so crazy that even Glenn Beck would raise an eyebrow and say "WTF!"

But if you drink a twelve pack of beer and think about it you see the serious flaws in Gohmert's thinking.

Why would they have to wait until they are grown to kill us all?

At the age of two they would be more than capable.

Now follow me here. At the age of two although they can't walk in a straight line they move at blazing fast light speed. Although they can't make a complete sentence they can already work every electronic device in the house.

They already know how to drive because they have those little motorized cars. ( I think this is part of a plot by terrorist working in the toy companies. )

Yeah, you starting to follow me now aren't you? To blow stuff all you have to do is be able to get to the place you want to blow up and push a button.

Two year olds can do that.

Yeah doesn't sound so crazy now does i......

Sorry about that my tin foil hat slipped over my eyes and I couldn't see for a second. Now where was I.

Oh yeah, doesn't sound so crazy does it. So next time you see a foreign two year old watch him. Watch him or her very closely and don't blink.  We must remain vigilant.

The terrorist babies are among us, Be afraid, be very afraid.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beauty to dye for

You probably didn’t know that using some hair dye may increase your risk for certain types of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a blood cancer involving the lymph nodes. A recent study from Yale University published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who started dying their hair before 1980 had a 30% increased risk of getting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, compared with those who never used hair dye. Among women who began using hair dye in 1980 or later, there was an increased risk only for those who used dark dye.

Read more here: Beauty to dye for

Missing woman Trudie Hall's case becoming more confusing by the day.

Trudi Hall went missing on July 28 and as more details about her come out the story gets more and more confusing to follow.

It seems that in 2009 Hall was married twice to two different men. The pregnant Nantucket woman who disappeared two weeks ago, got married at least twice within six months last year. The two men were Doucet McDowe and Ram Rimal.

But then another man Quoizel Wilson was the father of her unborn child and now we are hearing that Hall was in the process of getting a divorce from Rimal.

A Hollywood screnwriter would have trouble coming up with this type of stuff.

Police continue to search for Hall but believe that she is dead after finding bullet casing and blood that matches hers in the Toyota Avalon that she had rented.

AAreports will try to update with happenings in this case as quick as we can.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Black Women, "We Need To Talk" a new documentary



From producer Janks Morton (What Black Men Think and Men To Boys) comes the next installment of the necessary and urgent conversation that will begin to lead the national dialogue in a new direction. With heartfelt and intimate moments shared by ten phenomenal women from the south side of Chicago, their riveting and untold story will be shared...Sister, daughter, grandmother, aunt or girlfriend, there is somehting I need to tell you about my life, and I hope my story will help you to heal...

"We Need To Talk," is guaranteed to provide the cornerstone and bedrock for all women to begin to give back to younger women in a way that has never been initiated by film. The truth and the transparency of these women's lives has permanently knocked opened the doorway to let a soul restoring generational bridge to be built.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

NBPP: "Stop The Attack On The New Black Panther Party and Black Leadership"

What I can't wait to see with this news conference is which elected black officials will actually show up. I don't see showing up at this press conference as the best move one under attack could make. Why give your enemies more ammunition especially by appearing with what many including myself believe to be a hate group? George Cook

The New Black Panther Party, led by Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz is America's most controversial, slandered and misrepresented Black organization. NBPP leaders will clear up the lies and reveal the truth about the huge "voter intimidation" controversy raging in the media, national mid term elections, congress and the courts. Shabazz and the NBPP will also take on the attacks on Rep. Charles Rangel, Rep. Maxine Waters and Min. Louis Farrakhan. Black Elected Officials and leaders will appear to support the NBPP.

Read the rest of the release here "Stop The Attack On The New Black Panther Party and Black Leadership"

Saturday, August 07, 2010

What's the big deal with gay marriage anyway? By George Cook

Now let me start off by letting it be known that I am no gay rights activist, far from it. I have been in the military and played sports all my life so trust me I have dropped the f-word so many times that I would be a millionaire if a got a nickel every time I used it. I'm not justifying it at all that's just the culture in those two worlds.

I do not equate the gay rights struggle to the civil rights struggle.

My friends and I make gay jokes about each other and I in no way understand a man having a sexual attraction to another man. ( although I am willing to understand a woman being attracted to another ).

Now that we have established that I probably have a lot of maturing to do let me also state that I have several gay friends. Some have come out and some think they are hiding it (....badly I might say ).

But I am mature enough to understand that these are the same people they were before they came out. If they were nice and giving they still are if they were an ***hole they still are. Their sexuality does not define them , well at least not in my humble opinion. They are still my friends and will remain so unless they bring Mesiter Brau beer to one of my cookouts or Super Bowl parties.

Now to the subject at hand, gay marriage. Why the opposition?

If these fools want to share all the "joys" of matrimony who the hell are we to stop them? If they like arguing, no sex, criticism, someone being bossy, etc, etc then let them join the club. ( I'm joking sweetheart. I have been married HAPPILY for over 15 years.)

People can stop it with the sanctity of marriage bull**** because if we really cared we would be doing something about all the $150 divorce mills popping up and we would be doing more to promote marriage. We would stop trying to make women think that single parenting is just fine and that they don't need a man.

If one of my gay friends wants to get married I'm all for it as long as they have an open bar. (...that doesn't serve Mesiter Brau.

No but seriously if consenting adults want to get married then we should let them. Same sex married couples will not destroy the United States or somehow hurt our society. People said the same things about interracial marriage and none of those people were right.

So I'm going to ask everyone to try to do what I'm trying to do when it comes to gay rights.

Grow Up!

George Cook

Friday, August 06, 2010

Whatever happened to BET's Black Panther TV series?

Remember back in 2008 when Reginald Hudlin became President over at BET and with much fanfare announced many new scripted shows for the network. One that many looked forward to was the "Black Panther" based on the black comic book hero from Marvel Comics. Whatever happened to that show? Believe ir or not it did air. Just not in the US. Read about that HERE . Check out the shows opening below:

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Obama signs bill to close gap in crack & cocaine penalties

President Barack Obama on Tuesday signed a bill reducing the disparity between federal mandatory sentences for convictions for crack cocaine and the powder form of the drug.

Obama's signing of the bill in the Oval Office was open to news photographers but not the rest of the media. He made no remarks.

But as a longtime thorn for the black community, the matter is important to a key Obama constituency.

The quarter-century-old law that Congress changed with the new bill has subjected tens of thousands of blacks to long prison terms for crack cocaine convictions while giving far more lenient sentences to those, mainly whites, caught with powder.

However, the new law is not retroactive.

And it applies only to federal defendants, with no impact on state mandatory sentencing laws. Most drug arrests occur at the state level.

The measure Obama signed changes a 1986 law that was enacted at a time when crack cocaine use was rampant and considered a particularly violent drug. Under that law, a person convicted of possessing five grams of crack cocaine session got the same mandatory prison term as someone with 500 grams — 100 times — of powder cocaine. The legislation reduces that ratio to about 18-1.

The bill also eliminates the five-year mandatory minimum for first-time possession of crack, the first time since the Nixon administration that Congress has repealed a mandatory minimum sentence. It would not apply retroactively.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Missing Black Woman Alert! Trudie Hall is missing!

Police are looking for a missing pregnant woman on the Cape.

23-year-old Trudie Hall of Nantucket ( Massachusetts ) went to Hyannis last week and never returned home.

She was last seen on Nantucket Wednesday night. It's unclear why Hall went to Hyannis, but her mother, Vivienne Walker, told WBZ she does not think her daughter ran away.

State and local police searched the Hyannis area from the air and the ground over the weekend.

They have at least one lead - her car.

Sources told WBZ police found her rented Toyota Avalon with traces of blood in it.

Hall is five-feet five-inches tall with a slender build.

She is four months pregnant, according to her mother.

Walker said she has more information, but police have asked her to withhold it for now because of the sensitive nature of the investigation.

Please contact Nantucket Police if you have any inforamtion on Trudie Hall at (508) 228-1212

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Pay gap persist for African Americans

African-American workers continue to earn far less than whites, according to statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Furthermore, little progress has been made over the years to close the income gap. At a per-capita income of $18,054 in 2008, African-American earnings were just 57.9% that of whites' $28,502. That was a slight improvement over 2007 when black income was just 56.4%, but down from 2005, when it was 59.3%.

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