Sunday, January 02, 2011

Alleged killer of the "Clinton Ave 5 " speaks out

Lee Evans has been accused of being the killer of 5 boys from Newark NJ over 30 years ago. The boys have come to be known as the Clinton Avenue 5. Lee is out on bail and awaiting trial. Against the advice of his lawyer he is speaking publicly and trying to let everyone know that he is innocent. Read his story below:

He’s a booming presence when he walks into the courtroom where he stands accused of one of the most horrid crimes in the history of Newark: the murder of five teenagers 32 years ago.

His 6-foot-4-inch, 260-pound frame stands confidently in crisp, dark suits and the occasional green alligator shoes. His eyes flash; it’s hard to meet his gaze.

But in a series of interviews, the first he has given since his arrest early last year, Lee Evans comes across as a regular guy worn down and marked from a day’s work as a general contractor. His face drawn, his hands fidgeting, he looks nervously over his shoulder.

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Anonymous said...

First I've heard of this story. I hope you'll follow it through to a verdict.