Thursday, January 06, 2011

Just who the hell chooses black leaders anyway?

Just who the hell chooses black leaders anyway?
By George L. Cook III

This question came to me after a group of "black leaders" got together and worked it out so that Carol Moseley Braun would be the consensus black candidate in the Chicago mayoral race.

In theory all black Chicagoans will vote for Carol Moseley Braun and like it. Why? Because their "black leaders" told them to.

Now if they are like me they are probably wondering just when were these "black leaders" elected and why didn't I get a ballot or have some say in the matter. I mean just when was anyone going to let us know who our leaders were?

I mean I'm sure some memo went out letting everyone know that "black leaders" were being chosen, right?

Well maybe the media chooses who our leaders are. Hey if Al ( don't touch my hair ) Sharpton or Jesse ( I want to pull of his nuts ) Jackson are always available to voice the "black" opinion on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News maybe that makes them black leaders.

Maybe I'm naive but I always thought leaders were chosen by the people not self appointed or appointed by the media.

Am I wrong?

George L. Cook III author of the Kindle Book Let's Talk Honestly: One Black Man's Thought $1.50


MALAK said...

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MMG said...

Shalom aleichem & I can't do 1 thing except agree.
Todah ahk.