Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Positive Black People: Orrin Hudson founder of Be Someone Inc.

Far too often many people in black communities notice problems and always wait for someone else to fix them. You hear things like , " Someone should" or "They should". Then there are those who are tired of  " waiting for Superman"and say to themselves, "I Should ". Orrin Hudson is one of the latter and through using chess he has found a way to both mentor and help black youth. Read our interview below. George Cook AAreports.com. Author of the Kindle book Let's Talk Honestly: One Black Man's Thoughts $1.50

Orrin Hudson

 George Cook AAreports.com.  Can you let us all know a little about yourself?

Orrin Hudson- I am a humble servant who life work is to teach people that if you change your thinking, you change your choices. If you change your choices, you change your life. Life is all about strategy and the best tool we have to teach strategy is the game of chess. Life is chess not checkers

George Cook AAreports.com- What happened that lead you to found Be someone and what is your organizations mission statement?

Orrin Hudson-  Seven innocent employees were shot in the head in a robbery for 2000.00 and I said evil prevails when good people fail to take positive action so I walked away from my business Hudson Auto Sales, Inc. and I took my life saving and started Be Someone, Inc.

George Cook AAreports.com- What is it about chess that makes it such a great tool in helping our young people?

Orrin Hudson- Decisions-making, independents, thinking for oneself. discipline, focus, working smart and hard

George Cook AAreports.com- What do you think are some of the biggest problems our youth face today and what can we do to address them?

Orrin Hudson-Conformity: young people acting like everybody else following the follower. We need to teach young people to get around the best if you are the smartest person on your team you need a new team.

George Cook AAreports.com- What's the one thing that you hope the young people you work with takeaway with them if nothing else?

Orrin Hudson-Success is an inside job and nature is neutral if you make the right moves you will get the right results. Focus on giving and adding value to others solving other problems put money in your pocket.

George Cook AAreports.com- Please give us Be someone’s web site address so that those who wish to learn more about you and your organization can do so.

Orrin Hudson- www.besomeone.org 

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