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Positive Black People: Sheneese Starr Founder of The In Your Face Movement

Far too often many people in black communities notice problems and always wait for someone else to fix them. You hear things like , " Someone should" or "They should". Then there are those who are tired of  " waiting for Superman"and say to themselves, "I Should ". Sheneese Starr is one of the latter. She is trying to enlighten America to the effect the Industrial Prison Complex has had on Black America through her In Your Face Movement and a planned Walk To Washington.   Read our interview below George Cook Author of the Kindle book Let's Talk Honestly: One Black Man's Thoughts $1.50

Shenees Starr
George Cook AAreports-Please tell us a little about yourself and how your organization The In Your Face Movement came to be.

Sheneese Starr-Great Day, first and foremost let me say 'thank you' for taking the time and interest to shed light on our steps of and toward progress. My name is Sheneese Starr, born and raised in Harlem, NY. Self Employed, yet 'other people' driven. My story is really not much different from the 'silent' stories lived everyday. I use to hold many, many misconceptions with regard to people in prison, specifically men and it wasn't until it hit close to home that I really decided to educate myself on the whole industry itself. Having a loved one in prison, a lot of 'stories' and information comes along with that. Oppose to simply believing what I heard, I chose to research and self educate myself. So I guess you could say the 'In Your Face' Movement came about because of whom I was associated with at a particular point in time in my life, along with who I was evolving into as a person at that point and time in my life; searching for Self, knowledge, truth. So I didn't seek to research the Prison Industry, it kind of fell in my lap. I have a loved one whom is wrongfully incarcerated so it actually begin we with me taking steps to reopen his case. In doing so I gained so much information in general pertaining to this plague. In Your Face lived within me for 5 years before I actually took steps to activate. And it was fully activated when my loved one was denied at his first Parole Board hearing.. So that is how IYF came to be. I didn't want to remain a statistic and just sit back while miscarriages of justice affected those I loved (known or unknown).. We had a basement meeting with some great supports about a week after he was denied and it took on a life of its own after that

George Cook AAreports- What is the mission statement for the In Your Face Movement?

Sheneese Starr-Our mission is to bring 'proper' & 'true' awareness and education to the masses regarding the Prison Industry/Complex/Business. We are on a mission to disturb the ignorant and unconscious minds of the many - to in turn, have educated minds speaking vs conditioned minds. We are on a mission to connect with people who have the courage and heart to speak for what is unjust. We are simply here to bring awareness & to unite with those whom share the same interest.

George Cook AAreports- You are planning a "Walk To Washington" please fill us in on what that is all about and what you hope to achieve with this march

Sheneese Starr- Our Walk to Washington (W2W) is pretty simple. It's only a jaw dropper to some because we don't have nearly enough people 'fighting' for what's right as we have who are being wronged. The W2W is simply to fulfill our mission & purpose on a larger scale; along with showing our loved ones all over that they are not forgotten. That there ARE people out here who know the truths and who are willing to do something for another human being besides ourselves. We are looking to simply heighten the awareness on a larger scale as a result of the W2W... We want people to talk (be it negative or positive). Our goal is to simply wake people up to look, think, unite and then take continued continuous action (should they feel moved to).

George Cook AAreports- In your mind what will make this march successful?

Sheneese Starr-I believe that the walk taking place in itself will make it successful.

 George Cook AAreports- Are you working with any other organizations to do this march?

Sheneese Starr- No, we currently are not working with any organizations with regard to the W2W. Organizations have been informed and a member of one particular organization is actually walking with us; however no organization has chosen to unite with us as of yet regarding the W2W.

George Cook AAreports- Please give us the date and time of your march and any other relevant information including a web site where those interested may go to find out more

Sheneese Starr-The W2W will take begin on Sunday, March 13th @ 12noon from in front of the State building on 125th St in Harlem. The Walk to Washington will conclude on Saturday, March 19th in Washinton D.C. with our 5th Awareness Rally. For more information on In Your Face or the W2W, one can visit our website: Anyone interested in participating in the W2W (be it walking or organizing a bus) can register at We again thank you for this platform.. Peace, Unity & Progress

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