Saturday, March 05, 2011

5 states with no teachers unions have low to average SAT/ACT scores

Lately teachers unions have been blamed for everything wrong with education. Some of those things they are blamed for are lower test scores and our kids not being ready for college. While they are not completely innocent of those charges it turns out states without teachers unions dwell at the bottom of the SAT/ACT scores list. Maybe just maybe the unions are catching too much of the blame here. George Cook Author of the Kindle book Let's Talk Honestly: One Black Man's Thoughts $1.50

[ SOURCE ] Only five states do not allow collective bargaining for educators, effectively banning teachers unions. Those states and their SAT/ACT rankings are as follows:

South Carolina – 39th

North Carolina – 47th

Georgia – 26th

Texas – 45th

Virginia – 25th

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