Friday, March 25, 2011

First African American astronaut honored by the FBI

Dr. Bernard Harris made history as the first African-American to walk in space. But the famous Houstonian says he once thought about pursuing another career - that of an FBI agent.

Today, the astronaut-turned-businessman will journey, at least for a few hours, down the road not taken. He is being honored at FBI headquarters in Washington with the Director's 2010 Community Leadership Award for his nonprofit foundation's education and crime prevention programs for Houston-area students.

Even with his career as a physician, an astronaut and a businessman, Harris said in an interview that he considers starting the Harris Foundation his biggest accomplishment.

"I see the foundation as the greatest investment I can not only make for myself but for my community and the country," said the 54-year-old Texan, whose long list of "firsts" includes participating in the first joint Russian-American space flight.

"My goal is to enable our youth to do and become whatever they want in life."

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