Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why I am no longer supporting President Obama

Why I am no longer supporting President Obama by George Cook

I am so upset right now with President Obama. I have rode with him through thick and thin. When he ran for president I registered voters and drove people to the polls. When people questioned his toughness I told them our president likes to kick some *** behind closed doors. When people have said they regret voting for Obama I have challenged them. When people have spoke out the wrong side of their mouths about Michelle Obama and the kids I have corrected them. And this is how he repays me?!?!

What has he done you ask. He had the audacity to pick North Carolina to beat Syracuse in the sweet 16 of the NCAA basketball tournament. I can't believe this bull****. After all I have done for him this is what he does to me?!?!

He picked North Carolina to beat my Syracuse Orange. Ah hell naw.

Whooooo. Man I can't believe this. He won New York big time but he wants to  ride with North Carolina?

Me and President Obama are through and  don't beg for any forgiveness either. Me and the president are done. At least until April....LOL. Enjoy the tournament Mr. President. And don't worry sir I still got your back.

George Cook Author of the Kindle book Let's Talk Honestly: One Black Man's Thoughts $1.50


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Anonymous said...

I just hope your words are not used later on and made to sound like you really are against our fearless leader. You know how they can edit things like what they did with Rev. Wright.
If anything is wrong it is Obama's fault these days.
I hope he wins even bigger this time.
I would love an Obama landslide victory come November 2012.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot.

I'm sorry, I should not insult the idiots.

You are an imbecile.

Oops, I should not insult imbeciles.

You are a slime mold.

I just got a call from the slime mold lobby; they are mad at me for calling you a slime mold.

simmons24502 said...

wow now thats enough to make every one smile