Saturday, May 21, 2011

F*** Cornel West by George L. Cook III

George L. Cook III
I have always had great respect for Princeton Professor Cornel West but in light on his recent comments about President Obama I would like to write what President Obama can't.

To Cornel West I say F*** YOU!

Just who the hell do you think you are to question President Obama's "blackness" ?

West is no more or less black than he is. He is no gatekeeper of what makes one black. But he might want to be the gatekeeper of a damned comb, or at least a pick. Hell just get a damned hair cut.

Oops sorry I know that was unnecessary but I am really pissed with West right now. I can't believe he would attack our president like this.

How can someone from academia who in all honesty leads a more privileged life than most of us reading this make comments about someones blackness or how they relate to other African Americans?

How many of you are professors who have their own radio show and appear regularly on cable news shows? Do you relate to someone who does?

Professor West believes that President Obama has a certain fear of free black men." and that "[Obama] feels most comfortable with upper middle-class white and Jewish men who consider themselves very smart, very savvy and very effective in getting what they want."

My first thought was how would West know any of that. Has he been around the president enough to come to ANY conclusions about him? Having professor in front of your name doesn't give you the ability to read minds.

It appears for all of West education has he has fell into the trap of expecting President Obama to be a "black president" and thus is becoming more of an enemy to President Obama than any conservative talking head.

Dr West, you really should know better.

But like momma always said , "You can be book smart and not have a damned lick of common sense."

George Cook


JP said...

As a child of two Black parents that grew up amongst Blacks, I think it is rather factual that Cornel West is Blacker than Obama. It is hilarious that African Americans would promote the idea that one can't be blacker or blackness is simply skin color. In the end that means Black people have no culture. I don't know about ya'll folks. But my Blackness is more than a skin color it is a culture.

Quanda said...

Where in Dr. West's assessment did he indicate he came to this conclusion based on skin color? Where did Mr. Cook use this same reasoning? It is possible to have two black parents and not know your culture. Sadly, this has become the norm in black America...unless you define culture as BET. President Obama's white mother instilled in him more knowledge about blackness than the average black mother.

Maxine Thompson said...

The Willie Lynch Syndrome is alive and well.

West's comments sounded like sour grapes.

The President's approval rating is now at 60 percent.

You know a person by their fruits. Obama has passed over 200 laws since his presidency, inspite of the Tea Party and naysayers.

I love Obama's style of work, (most recently, the finding/killing of Bin Laden) versus rhetoric.

I personally know of many families who were saved financially because of Obama's extension of the unemployment and the loan modification programs. Would Bush have ever done that? How come West never attacked Bush so publicly?

ProblemWithCaring said...

"As a child of two Black parents that grew up amongst Blacks, I think it is rather factual that Cornel West is Blacker than Obama."

Hey JP! Well, I see you live in Hartford, Connecticut now, so -- how does it feel that 90% of all Black America is now officially blacker than you, your non-Black kids (if you have any -- you shouldn't cause they don't have culture), your non-Black wife and your entire non-Black family??

Sucks to be you, cultural-lacking mascot!! Why do you hate your kids and deny them culture?

Anonymous said...

Fear of FREE black men. Why? So he does not fear black men who are not free? It doesn't compute. He surrounds himself etc. etc. or do they come around him? Mr. Cornell this sounds pretty stupid.

Hillary Felt said...

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