Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Herman Cain: Blacks can't afford to join the Tea Party

[ SOURCE ]Asked why more African Americans haven't joined him at tea party rallies and conservative conventions like the Faith And Family Conference in DC this weekend, the millionaire ex-CEO has a different explanation. African Americans, Cain told TPM, are too poor to tea party.

"They can't afford to," Cain said. "So I think the first reason is economics. If you just look at the sheer economics of it."

"If you look at the typical income of a black family of four it's going to be lower than a non-black or white family of four," he explained. "Generally speaking on average, white families are much more economically prosperous than black families. So, many black families don't have the economic flexibility to go to a CPAC conference."

Most tea partiers, Cain said, "own their own business, or they have the type of job where they have the flexibility where they can go to the rally."

"Or they're retired," he added.

That's just not the kind of job African Americans have, he said.

"If you are a blue collar, hourly worker and you're not the business owner, you're not going to take off or ask your boss to take off unpaid to go to a rally," he said.


Anonymous said...

There is truth to this...look at what happen in Wis. w/unions rally. They could get off the time but not the population 80% on Walkers side same thing. Some of us HAVE to work. Or the city pop.they live @ poverty level.

Anonymous said...

Even if they could get the day off, I bet not one of them would spend it with tea baggers. That's a wrap!