Saturday, December 17, 2011

Does Florida Governor Rick Scott believe all HBCU students are poor?

FAMU ( Florida A&M University ) students protested the suspension of FAMU President Dr. James Ammons. It seems that Gov. Scott holds Dr. Ammons somewhat  responsible for the tragic death of Robert Champion during  hazing incident. and FAMU students feel otherwise.

During the protest students Florida Governor Rick Scott made a very surprising comment.

From the Florida Courier: A Florida Courier reporter who heard live cell phone audio reports that the crowd was generally inpatient with Scott's answers. For example, when a student asked Scott a question about educational funding, Scott began responding with, “I come from public housing,” to which one student responded, "Not all of us are poor!” The crowd did not give Scott a chance to finish his response to the question.

That's a hell of an assumption to make. The only reason to assume that most of these students were poor would be at best a overwhelming belief in negative stereotypes or at worst just outright racism. You can decide that for yourself.

But I believe the reason the the suspension of Dr. Ammoms is bogus. Dr. Ammons has been very vocal about proposed funding cuts to FAMU and I think Gov. Scott is using the tragic death of Mr. Champion to get back at Dr. Ammons.

If you believe otherwise I have some swampland in Alaska to sell you.

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