Friday, December 30, 2011

Ok, politicians ain't sh**, but what about the voters that keep re-electing them?

George Cook
Ok, politicians ain't sh**, but what about the voters that keep re-electing them by George L. Cook III?

Everyone complains that politicians ain't sh**. Right now with all of the bi-partisan bickering and fighting going on in Washington DC and in many state and local governments who can blame them?

Many politicians have brought this negative attitude from the public on themselves, but what everyone forgets is that they don't elect themselves. We the voters do that.

Many in Congress have held office for multiple terms and keep getting re-elected by the same voters who complain about them.

Now if they are doing such a bad job why do they keep getting re-elected? Why do voters go out time after time and vote for these people they blame for their problems?

Why don't voters realize that if these elected officials really are doing a bad job that by re-electing them you are rewarding them. Rewarding them with another term in office to do more of a bad job?????

If someone just keeps getting re-elected regardless of the job they do what is the incentive for them to do better?

Look at it this way. If you know you are doing a horrible job at your place of employment or just doing the bare minimum to get by and your boss gives you a $2,500 bonus at the end of the year what would you do next year?

Now common sense says to work harder so that you can get more of a bonus.
Ah, but human nature says to continue just doing enough to get by and get that $2,500 bonus.

Now most politicians being human will if rewarded long enough start to do enough just to get re-elected.  I say most or human because I'm not sure about Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann. ( Hey, how the hell does Bachmann get away with spelling her first name with one L anyway? )

So I have to ask the voters when will they demand that politicians do their jobs? When will voters actually hold politicians accountable by voting their asses out if they don't do a good job?

Because until voters do that they are just as much of a problem as the politicians.

George Cook Author of the Kindle book Let's Talk Honestly: One Black Man's Thoughts $1.50

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