Sunday, February 19, 2012

Did CNN exploit Whitney Houston " homegoing" coverage?

Like many I watched CNN's coverage of Whitney Houston's "Homegoing" coverage. I was happy that they aired the event because not only was it a great sendoff for Whitney Houston but it gave the entire world a positive view of what goes on in the black church. At the same time some of my friends had the uneasy feeling that CNN was exploiting Whitney's death for their own benefit. I think it's a very close call here between exploitation and covering an event. I don't think it was exploration at all. What do you think?

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Jackie Minor said...

Did they exploit Princess Diana or Michael Jackson or Jacqueline Onasis or Ronald Regan or the Pope or Mother Teresa? All those people had their funerals televised. I don't believe it was an exploit on the part of CNN because it streamed live all over the internet including, BET and many other sites. However,I was a little disappointed w/the number of non-ministers in the actual pulpit. It was definitely a wonderful service & she'll truly be missed.