Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey Mitt Romney what about Condelezza Rice for VP.

Well it seems like Mitt Romney has locked up the republican nomination for president. That is unless he gets caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.

So with the nasty little business of the republican primary out of the way it's time for Mr.Romney to look at choices for vice president.

Popular choices seem to be Florida Senator Rick Rubio and Fred Flinstone, oops I mean Chris Christie the governor of the great state of New Jersey. ( In the interest of full disclosure yes I'm from NJ ).

Now I think Mitt's and his people are smart enough to know that you can't have two white men who pretend to be hardcore conservatives that are actually moderates on the same ticket. Don't take my word for it check their records. You also can't have two white guys and think that you will appeal to the diverse group of voters.

I think Rick Rubio is a good senator but he doesn't have the experience to potentially be president yet. Also the GOP expoused theory that he would bring in Hispanic votes just doesn't hold water. While Rubio would help in Florida and bring in the cuban vote he would not be as appealing to other Hispanic voters. Do you think he would have much appeal to someone who is Mexican, Dominican, or from Puerto Rico? Do you think a person from a group that some feels gets treated differently from other Hispanics when it comes to immigration would have mass appeal to the diverse group or Hispanic voters out there? If so I have some prime real estate on the moon to sell you.

But it does seem like some do believe that there should be some diversity on the ticket and that is a good thing.

But they should not be limited to just Hispanic choices. What about an African American VP?

Colin Powell would be a great choice but his wife wont let him him run. Another mark against him is that Tea Party types have long memories and the fact that he voted for Obama wont be forgotten. Neither will his criticism of those on the far right.

That leads me to Condelezza Rice. Now I know bringing her into the picture means bringing in the ghost of he whose name shall not be spoken, George Bush but let's put that to the side for now.

The question I would ask is who else has her bonafides? She is a former Secretary of State and Chief of Staff. She has immense knowledge of foreign policy and the inner workings of Washington DC. She would be a huge asset to Mitt Romney.

I think she would be an excellent choice and my question to all is why not her?

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