Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Judges OK South Carolina voter law, but say it must wait to 2013

A three-judge panel has upheld South Carolina's law requiring voters to show photo identification but has delayed enforcement until next year — adding to the list of states that have had to postpone or drop strict ID or voting laws they wanted in place for the Nov. 6 elections.

The federal panel on Wednesday found that the law was not discriminatory because of the safeguards in it, but would require more time to put those protections against discrimination in place.

The move follows a string of recent voter law decisions. In Pennsylvania, a judge blocked the state from enforcing its voter ID law next month, saying voters would have trouble getting IDs before elections. A federal appeals court forced Ohio to reinstate three early voting days leading up elections. And in Mississippi last week, state officials announced they could not enforce photo ID requirements for this year's elections after the Justice Department asked for more details on the law. Courts also have blocked voter ID laws in Texas and Wisconsin.

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