Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why Jamie Foxx calling President Obama our lord and savior is a non story.

Here we go with another Fox News talking head trying to make a story out of a non story. Sean Hannity is apparently very upset that COMEDIAN Jamie Foxx ( what's with the x twice anyway ) made a comment about President Obama being our lord and savior during the BET Awards. You can check that out below.

Sean is irate about this. Basically his outrage boiled down to, how dare Jamie Foxx say such a thing especially when a middle aged white guy can't. Watch his faux outrage below.

Poor Sean Hannity. His head is stuck so far up his ass and his mind so stuck in the republican bubble that he can't even see that Jamie Foxx was joking.

You see Mr. Hannity Jamie Foxx is a co-me-dian. ( Hope that was spelled slow enough for you. ) He makes jokes for a living when he's not singing or doing the occasional movie.

Most rational people get that whether they find the joke funny or not. You can legitimately argue about whether or not it was funny. But can you have us believe that this is worthy of national news attention? Come on even on Faux, oops I mean Fox News there has to be something better to lie, oops I mean report on.

So Mr. Hannity go take a Valium ( if you can't find one ask your boy Rush Limbaugh he'll take care of you ) and chill out. I'm sure something that you can be legitimately upset about will come up, like the war on Christmas.

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