Fan Vs. Wild Lyrics

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Sometimes I think of you when the air is cool
Thick fog, sea of blue. Headlights push through
Speed through main streets and packed into tight seats
San Diego seaside-Ocean Beach
Do you ever think of me, California breeze?
San Francisco’s Mission Street with cups of coffee
You kissed me on the cheek and I cried all night just to see you
Hands in pockets; hands in pockets

We kissed in a photo booth, black and white proof

Stood close in the Empty Bottle’s front room
You left in the middle of the night with sad eyes
Not enough time: different lives

Sometimes I think of you wandering through
Courtyards, dead cars. Who are you talking to?
Could you see me flying across the sea?
Would you forgive me for acting so recklessly?
Hands in pockets
Hands in pockets
Hands in pockets
Hands in pockets

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