I’d Rather Have A Memory Than A Dream (Hot Jazz – 1953) Lyrics

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I’d rather have a memory than a dream,
For then I’d learn what heaven’s all about.
There’d be an angel in my arms, you fit right in the seat,
And then my heart could just keep singing out!

I’d rather have your kisses than a smile,
For then there’d be the magic of romance.
The thrill of being all your own, yes even for a while,
Is something I’d be brave enough to chance!

For dreams are just imagination,
While memories are as real as you,
And I’ve enough imagination
To wish that all my dreams come true!

I’d rather have you near me than apart,
For then you’d know exactly what I mean,
But when I’m far away from here and long for you, sweetheart,
I’d rather have a memory than a dream!

I’d rather have a memory than a dream!

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