Sativa Mode Lyrics

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Fw me shawty im lost sativa mode
If you say go how far they gonna go
Im gonna eat about a dozen pizza rolls
Pots and the pans i got december the pizza cold
I am the gas you can call me lil texaco
I got the purple the barney the flintstone
Hope on the ship if your eating the bistro
I did this shit without the beat tho (no cap)
Im mona dance i go to the disco
Frederic Chopin the way im from Zelazowa Wola, Poland
I got a spot you never wanna go in
Got the cheeburg, im bout to go tourin
Hard to distren, but hard to ignore
Call me a bird the way i explore
Call me skrrt skrrt skrrt skrrt skrrt skrrt
Way i jump

Nevеr had no fun in my life what i done
I just need the cash thеn i ride to the sun
I must be from California way i 101
I made this shirt myself yeah it`s 1 of 1 (cap)

I wouldn’t hurt myself cause i am the one

Walking there the water cause i swear, im a dolphin heeeee
I been on the wave so long, you think its funny heehee
Oh look at your face, its looking so wrong, its like a bunny heeehee
Treat it like its Goosebumps like its Night of the Living Dummy woowoo
Whoop there it is i got squids on my wrist
Call me Ozymandias the way i keep droppin the squids
Im a Ski man now, got my Ski man yeah
Im a Ski man, cause the way im schemiin hey
Imma Ski Scan make sure that you got the skis hey
In the mountain got the alpine, so i`m out here
How many people do you know in your life without hair?
Scantron A B C D
Guitar A C D C
Rude Robot R 2 2 D
Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

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