True Romance Lyrics

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Fantasy is all but I just want more!
Sixteen years, my God not a single score!
I want you, Kelly Bundy!
Desperation rules, I’m alone in bed,
lonely are the nights and my stiffy’s sad,
I want you, Cindy Crawford!
When I see on TV, how the nights just could be,

I want you, all the Spice Girls!
I go mad, I feel bad and I am loosing my head.
I need you, Sharon Stone!

I need one thing, the only thing, to put it on!

I wanna f*ck you!

Don’t know what to do to make this wish come true,
Don’t know how to make that they care ’bout you,
I mean you: chicks from Bay – Watch!
Loneliness is hell, I’m so desperate, only one guy left,
I can hope to score.
(I mean you) Erol Agiroglu!


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